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Battery charger and/or power converter

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Revtronik - TestTronik -  Bronze edition with Basic remote
Revtronik's new automotive battery charger product line are low cost and high quality construction. These charger are avaible in lot of power rangre from 5 to 45 amps. Our battery chargers are technologically advanced, automatic voltage stabilization and current limit charging are provided in order to work perfectly even with hight power fluctuation.

#CT-A (Automotive battery charger series)

  • 3 charging mode
  • Six kinds of protection
  • lot of diffent model available.

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additional feature :

#CT-P (Charger and power converter series)

Revtonik's new battery charger and power supply product line are also high quality and good pricing. They provide safe, reliable, filtered DC power to all Vehicle 12-Volt lighting and appliance circuits. The converter also safely recharges and maintains the battery and has a two-year limited warranty. 

additional feature :

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  • electronic current limitting
  • Variable speed intelligent cooling fan
  • Automatic thermal protection
  • Low voltage operation
  • Hight voltage protection

SolarTRONIK #CT-S (Solar battery charger controller)

Revtronik's now testing solar panel to be installed onto truck or trailer. Some customer have sometimes low batteyr voltage problem with refeer and heated trailer. These low voltage could not allowed the engine to start so that could cause lot of damage to the shipment. We also instal these solar pannel on truck to recharge or maintain their battery voltage during the week end.

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additional feature :

  • Different model available.
  • From the simple to the high tech controller

Other charger could be avaible to suit customer demands and needs !

Battery charger and/or power supply

The ChargeTRONIK is a high quality charger product line at the right price. Several models are available from the standard automotive charger to the power converter and battery charger combo.


We also now testing new solar pannel, flexible and hard, to be fix on trailer with engine like heater and reefer. Some other have been installed into truck to recharche their batterie when the truck is parked or when they use their 12 volt AC system allowing them to have more power to use when the truck is parked.


Revtronik's new battery charger product line have been created to perfectly fit with our HeatTRONIK engine heater and battery charger optimizer. Depending of the cutomer needs, we have the one that will fit to your requirement !

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